Tether Ring™, Medium

Tether Rings™ are an easy-to-use and simple solution to create a tether point on tools with a captive hole or shaped mid-section. Coming in small, medium and large with a load rating of 1kg they are a great way to create a secure tether point on a variety of small hand tools.

Max Load: 1 KG / 2.2 LBS




NLG Tether Rings™ are an economical solution for creating a tether point on a tool with a captive hole. Shaped tools, such as spanners, are also particularly suited to this type of attachment as the Tether Rings™ move freely along the length of the tool and allow the tool to rotate through 360 degrees.
Quick and simple to apply, the NLG Tether Ring™ only requires a pair of pliers to open and wind onto the tool similar to a key ring.
The NLG Tether Rings™ are specially coated to prevent corrosion and provide a dependable tether point for the harshest working environments.