About Never Let Go

Products to help you perform.

Products to help you perform

At Never Let Go, we set out to make performance products for people like you. People who take safety seriously. It started with a philosophy: to make our products our way. Robust, reliable, innovative and technically intelligent. The result? Safety gear that will never let you down.

You’ll find our products the world over. They’re used and endorsed by Exxon Mobil, Bechtel, GE, Boeing, Siemens and Network Rail – leaders in oil and gas, renewables, utilities, transportation and construction.

Turns out, the way we like our products is just how you like yours.

NLG is an attitude

Never Let Go is more than tethered tools or tool lanyards, more than a business. It’s an attitude, a culture, a way of working. At NLG, we take the lead in bringing you and safety together. Following us to the pinnacle of performance will give you the edge in even the toughest tasks.

Be your best. We’re here to support you.

Customer Happiness

Service? We prefer Customer Happiness – we’re only happy when you are. Team NLG is just a small crew of inspirational people who haven’t a clue what ordinary is. People who know that working together is key. People who say what they mean and mean what they say.

Every time.

Pioneering innovation

Research, research, research is the key to new innovation. That’s why we opened the NLG Lab – to pioneer new technologies in emerging areas of safety. That’s how we found the simplest way to tether tools and discovered the best tool lanyards out there today.

We solve problems that others can’t, in our own uncommon way.

Stay informed, stay safe

Stay in the know and stay safe. That’s what our 30 years as specialists in this industry have taught us. Hence the NLG HelpHub. HelpHub brings a wealth of resources and insights right to your fingertips.

So, that’s NLG. Why build a business when you can create a culture?