Tether Choke™, Single Arm

The Tether Choke™, Single Arm is a simple and secure solution perfect for large power tools. In combination with our Tether Tape™ the single arm locks the Tether Choke™ in position and prevents the choke slipping and causing accidental engagement if the tool is dropped.

Max Load: 20 KG / 44 LBS




The NLG Tether Choke™ with a single securing arm is the solution for your big problem tools – those tools that are big in size and big in weight. The single securing arm combined with the simplicity of the Tether Choke™ only extends its area of use.
Built to last the Tether Choke™, Single Arm is constructed from a high-strength webbing that features contrast stitching for easy visual inspections. A durable V ring allows for quick and secure attachment of a suitable tool lanyard.
Specially developed for users of power tools with triggers, the securing arm allows the Choke™ to be locked in position with the approved Tether Tape and keeps the tool’s trigger restriction-free. The versatility of the Tether Choke™ means it is approved to use as an anchor as well.