Tether Choke™

The Tether Choke™ is a simple solution for creating a tether point on heavier tools. Constructed from heavy-duty webbing it simply cinches around a captive hole or handle to create a secure tether point that doesn't hinder the functionality of the tool.

Max Load: 20 KG / 44 LBS




The NLG Tether Choke™ is the heavyweight tether point, suitable for a wide range of tools. The Tether Choke™ is simply cinched around a captive handle or hole ensuring that the grip and ergonomic aspect of the tool are not compromised.
Built to last the Tether Choke™ is constructed from a high-strength webbing that features contrast stitching for easy visual inspections. A durable V ring allows for quick and secure attachment of a suitable tool lanyard.
The Tether Choke™ is easy to install, reusable and ideal to use where a high degree of movement is needed during the tool’s use. It is often used as an effective anchor point where tools of over 5kg are in use.