Tape Measure Tether

The NLG Tape Measure Tether provides a secure tether point for a commonly used tool, the tape measure. Without compromising on the tool's functionality, the tape measure tether provides a fully enclosed and secure attachment point for a tool lanyard.

Max Load: 1 KG / 2.2 LBS




Tape measures are one of the most commonly dropped items, especially within the construction industry. The NLG Tape Measure Tether is the ideal holder for tape measures between 5m and 8m and the safest way to secure and use them when working at height.
Specially designed with its ergonomic use in mind, the NLG Tape Measure Tether allows the normal use of the measure with a high level of comfort. The sturdy clip allows the measure to be attached to belts in a conventional manner. A toughened ring on the rear of the holder allows the easy attachment to a suitable tool lanyard.