Spin Tether™

The NLG Spin Tether™ provides an easy-to-install solution for tethering rotating tools, such as screwdrivers and allen keys. Featuring a unique design it creates a secure tether point without hindering the use of the tool itself as it allows full 360° rotation.

Max Load: 0.5 KG / 1.1 LBS




The NLG Spin Tether™ is the ideal solution for creating a secure tether point on a rotating, parallel-shafted tool such as screwdrivers or allen keys. It can be retro-fitted without the need for any additional tools to any tool with a shaft from 3.9-9mm - one size fits all.
Simply fitted and tightened by hand, the patented device's non-metallic content also allows the tethering of tools for use in metal-sensitive and non-conductive areas. The spinning ring delivers uninhibited tool movement through 360 degrees.
The NLG Spin Tether™ is constructed from advanced polymers, combined with the unique SoftLock™ core, to provide years of grip performance in the harshest environments.