Short Coil Tool Lanyard, Non Conductive

The Short Coil Tool Lanyard, Non Conductive has been specifically designed for environments that demand metal-free equipment. Pairing well with a wristband, its ultra-compact durable design helps avoid tangles and the durable rotating clips allow for freedom of movement.

Max Load: 1 KG / 2.2 LBS




The NLG Non-conductive Short Coil Tool Lanyard has been developed for use in areas demanding metal-free products - for example, electrical work, hygiene areas and nuclear industries. The heat and puncture-resistant coating encapsulates a reinforced, non-conductive core with plastic rotating connectors at each end.
The compact design of the coil and the 360° rotating connectors help to reduce tangles and allow the tool to rotate freely whilst in use.
Pairing the Non-conductive Short Coil Lanyard with the Adjustable Wristband creates an ultra-compact and secure tethering solution ideal for confined spaces.