Retractable Spanner Holster

The NLG Retractable Spanner Holster is an all-in-one solution for securing a spanner. With its built retractable ratchet lanyard, universal attachment for belts and harnesses and 2x load-rated anchor points it really is the ultimate tethering solution for spanners.

Max Load: 5 KG / 11 LBS




The Retractable Spanner Holster has been specifically developed to safely secure spanners when working at height.
The built-in ratchet retractable lanyard completely removes any snagging issues, and the ratchet mechanism prevents the lanyard from giving constant retraction force.
Featuring two load-rated anchor points the Retractable Spanner Holster can be used to securely tether other tools using a suitable tool lanyard.
The universal Quick Connect™ clips on the rear of the holster allow it to be easily attached to a belt or harness.