GO™ Non-Conductive Bungee Tool Lanyard

As part of our GO™ range, the GO™ Non-Conductive Bungee Lanyard provides excellent value and performance. The non-conductive construction makes it ideal for environments where metal-free equipment is required with the easy-stretch bungee making it comfortable to use all day.

Max Load: 3 KG / 6.6 LBS




The GO™ Non-conductive Bungee Tool Lanyard provides an excellent balance of value and performance. As part of our GO™ range, it's economical in price without compromising on what matters. Unlike other low-cost tool lanyards, the GO™ Non-conductive Bungee Tool Lanyard is serial numbered for easy inspection, CE marked, third-party tested and certified for drop prevention.
Constructed of an easy-stretch bungee with two durable climbing cord loops for easy attachment, this lanyard has metal-free construction making it ideal for work environments that demand non-conductive equipment.
Use the toggle locks to secure the choke in place once installed on the tool.