Locking Retractable Tool Lanyard

The Locking Retractable Tool Lanyard features an ultra-low profile durable design and a self-retracting mechanism to avoid snagging in confined spaces. The double-action stainless steel carabiners allow for easy attachment and the locking mechanism provides instant lock-out at any point.

Max Load: 1 KG / 2.2 LBS




The Locking Retractable Lanyard is an ultra-low profile self-retracting tool lanyard tool designed to fit onto any anchor point with its double action carabiner.
The compact design is ideal for confined spaces and provides almost 360°coverage and free movement whatever the position.
The unique locking mechanism can be activated at any position allowing you to lock out your tool at a desired length and can be quickly released when required. The rot-proof and rust-proof webbing coil ensures a long product lifespan and almost maintenance-free operation.