Helmet Lanyard

The Helmet Lanyard is a lightweight and integrated tethering solution for one of the most commonly dropped objects, the hard hat. The hi-vis neoprene design makes it as visible as it is comfortable and keeps your helmet secure and where it's meant to be.

Max Load: N/A




The Helmet Lanyard provides a lightweight and dependable solution to a frequently dropped item, the helmet. This simple solution keeps your helmet secure and where it should be without getting in the way or causing discomfort.
Constructed from a hi-vis neoprene, the Helmet Lanyard is as visible as it is comfortable. The lanyard simply cinches around a secure point, accessory slot or internal harness, in the helmet. The unique Tough Teeth™ clip provides an easy and secure attachment to your clothing even if wearing gloves.
This simple and economical solution means you'll never drop your helmet again.