Hammer Holster

The NLG Hammer Holster is a simple and secure solution for storing your hammer. Featuring a unique cradle arm system that makes it effortless to dock the hammer but helps prevent lanyard snagging, the NLG Hammer Holster is designed to keep your tools secure and easily accessible.

Max Load: 5 KG / 11 LBS




The Hammer Holster overcomes all the problems associated with traditional holsters when used with tethered tools. With specially developed cradle arms, it is easy to place your hammer in and quick to retrieve without the frustration of the tool lanyard catching.
Featuring two approved anchor points, the Hammer holster provides the comfortable use of your hammer, whether left or right-handed.
The universal Quick Connect™ clips on the rear of the holster allow it to be easily attached to a belt, harness or handrail.