Flex Linesman Bag

The Flex Linesman Bag is a versatile and compressible tool bag designed to keep tools close, accessible and securely tethered. Full of load-rated anchor points, secure pockets and innovative closures the Flex Linesman Bag will keep your tools secure even in the most challenging environments.

Max Load: 30 KG / 66 LBS




The Linesman Bag is a specialist bag that is designed for industrial climbers who need to keep their tools close, easily accessible and securely tethered. It is the bag of choice for those working in the harshest environments with a unique closure system on all openings to secure bag contents and protect against external elements.
Unlike the standard Linesman Bag the Flex Linesman Bag is constructed of a maluble PVC that's ideal for restricted spaces.
The multi-pocket design of the Flex Linesman Bag (two large and two small pockets) combines an array of load-tested attachment points for tool lanyards (4 external tool holders and 8 rings for attachment) with the pocket’s innovative bag closures to prevent the risk of accidental spillage in transit. The pocket’s closures can be rolled back once in the work position to allow easy access.
The Flex Linesman Bag is manufactured using a combination of reinforced PVC and specially developed Mega Mesh™ to create a tough and rot-proof bag.
The universal Quick Connect™ clips on the rear of the bag allow it to be easily attached to a belt, harness or handrail.