Extended Bungee Tool Lanyard

The Extended Bungee Tool Lanyard is ideal for reach tasks or working directly from a tool bag. The easy stretch bungee allows for 2 metres of reach and the dual Quick Clips™ help avoid tangles whilst providing easy attachment to the tool and anchor point.

Max Load: 5 KG / 11 LBS




The Extended Bungee Lanyard easily extends to 2m allowing heavier tools to be connected to anchor points, both on and off the user. It is ideally suited for attaching to connection points within NLG’s range of bags for working at height.
Equipped with the 360° Quick Clip™ connectors at each end, the NLG Extended Bungee Tool Lanyard remains tangle-free even when used with tools that must rotate freely such as screwdrivers, spanners etc. Quick Clips™ are ergonomically designed for quick connection and disconnection with a built-in trigger to facilitate use when wearing gloves.