Coil Helmet Lanyard

The NLG Coil Helmet Lanyard is a universal solution for securing one of the most commonly dropped objects, the helmet. It features an ultra-compact coil design that both reduces snagging hazards but also makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Max Load: 1 KG / 2.2 LBS




The Coil Helmet lanyard provides a secure and universal solution that easily fits on any helmet. Its compact design helps reduce the risk of snagging whilst being easy to clean and maintain due to its PU-coated coil.
The lanyard simply cinches around a secure point in the helmet and the unique Tough Teeth™ clip provides an easy and secure attachment to your clothing even if wearing gloves.
Additionally, the lanyard features a safety breakaway feature that will break if exposed to over 14kg of force, making it ideal for when working near moving machinery.