Bungee Tool Lanyard

The Bungee Tool Lanyard is a highly versatile and durable tool lanyard that is one of our most popular for a reason. Featuring a durable easy stretch bungee, durable climbing cord loop and anti-tangle 360° Rotobiner™ it's an ideal option for hand tools.

Max Load: 5 KG / 11 LBS




Widely recognised as the first choice in tool lanyards, the Bungee Lanyard is in a class of its own. The convenience and durability of the self-retracting bungee webbing keeps the lanyard out of the way, ensuring it has minimal resistance to movement in the most gruelling reach work.
Featuring the NLG Rotobiner™, a dual action carabiner that rotates freely through 360° avoiding twists and tangles. At the other end, the tough climbing cord loop allows easy and secure attachment to an anchor point or directly to a captive hole or handle on the tool itself.