Bucket Organiser

The NLG Bucket Organiser is the perfect companion to keep your Rope/Pro™ and Ascent™ Buckets organised. Whether you're carrying tools or rope, The Bucket Organiser provides an easy-to-use modular solution that can be set up in a variety of orientations to suit the job at hand.

Max Load: N/A




The Bucket Organiser is an accessory specifically designed for the Rope/Pro Bucket™ and the Ascent Bucket™.
With what seems like endless orientations the organiser can be used to organise tools or equipment using the 5 snap-closure pockets. Or easily divided into 2,3 or 4 sections using the modular divider, which is ideal for organising rope.
An essential accessory to the Rope/Pro Bucket™ and the Ascent Bucket™ the bucket organiser will keep you organised no matter the job.