Ascent Haul™

The Ascent Haul™ is a heavy-duty lifting bag built for hauling heavy loads through tough terrain. Constructed from our unique and ultra-durable Megatex™ and with a load rating of 100kg the Ascent Haul™ is designed with durability and heavy lifting in mind.

Max Load: 100 KG / 220 LBS





The Ascent Haul™ is a highly versatile lifting bag that can be comfortably carried on your back or easily hauled up the side of a building or rock face by tucking away the backpack straps, removing the waistbelt and utilising the load-rated lifting handles.
Designed to carry heavy loads, the Ascent Haul™ has a 100kg load rating so will be able to carry whatever you need with ease whether that's rope, tools or materials.
Internally the Ascent Haul™ features 5 load-rated anchor points for securing tools, as well as colour-coded loops at the base and top to easily manage your main and backup rope.
Constructed from Megatex™, the Ascent Haul™ is extremely durable and made to withstand harsh environments and forces. Megatex™ is up to 7 times more abrasion-resistant than premium military-grade fabric.
The Ascent Haul™ features a durable water-resistant roll-top closure, that when used with the built-in compression straps secures the contents even when inverted.



Ultra-durable Megatex™ construction built to withstand the toughest work environments.


The load rated slings allow the bag to be used for lifting operations of up to 100kg (220lbs)



Comfortable shoulder straps and waistbelt for all-day comfort that can be stowed away when hauling.