Heavy Duty Anchor Choke™

The Heavy Duty Anchor Choke™ has been designed for heavier tools that need securing to a fixed point such as a beam or railing. Constructed from a high-strength webbing it can be quickly cinched around a beam to create a secure anchor point for heavier tools.

Max Load: 40 KG / 88 LBS




The Heavy Duty Anchor Choke™ is like the rest of the Choke™ family but even bigger and stronger.
Designed to make a fast and secure anchor point for tool lanyards and storage equipment it safely wraps around scaffolding, rails and beams and provides a strong V-Ring for connectors to attach to. The extended length means that it still works with larger beams.
Because of the twin securing arms which can be locked with NLG’s approved Tether Tape™, the Anchor Choke™ can also be used to create an attachment point on heavier tools, like breakers, up to 40KG.