360 D Ring Loop Tool Tether

The 360 D Ring Loop Tool Tether is a quick and easy way to create a secure tether point on small tools with a captive hole. Utilising a robust 360° rotating D Ring, it creates a tangle-free solution that removes the frustration that comes with a twisted lanyard.

Max Load: 3 KG / 6.6 LBS




NLG’s 360 D Ring Loop Tool Tether is the no-fuss option – create a tether point on any tool with a captive hole or handle and cinch it around the tool itself. Whatever method is used, a secure tether point is made in seconds. As part of NLG's unique tool tethering system, tools can be prepared off-site for immediate connection to an approved tool lanyard once on site.
Simple but effective as a retrofit device, the NLG 360 D-Ring allows tools to rotate through 360 degrees with its anti-tangle swivel. This avoids the frustration of twisted lanyards found with many tool tethering options on the market today and simultaneously improves productivity.
The NLG 360 D Ring creates a professional solution that is certified and third-party tested and suitable for tools up to 3kg in weight – the height worker’s true friend.