360 D Ring Locking Loop Tool Tether

The NLG 360 D Ring Locking Loop Tool Tether is a versatile tether point with a wide range of uses, from securing individual bolts to tethering long-handled tools such as nips. Featuring a 360° rotating D Ring it allows the tool you are tethering to move freely and avoid tangles.

Max Load: 3 KG / 6.6 LBS




The NLG D Ring Locking Loop has a wide range of uses. It can be used on individual bolts that need to rotate whilst installing, from small bolts right up to facade bolts. It's also ideal for long-handled tools, like nips, that require the rotation point further away from the tool to avoid tangling. The tried and tested D Ring Locking Loop Tether will be a valuable addition to your tool tethering equipment due to its versatility.
The clever design of the loop means that it automatically self-tightens in the event of a drop and is fixed to prevent incorrect installation. The 360° D Ring stops tangling and makes it a great attachment point for rotating tools.