Extended Coil Tool Lanyard

The Extended Coil Tool Lanyard perfectly balances durability, compactness and reach. Its coiled design helps avoid snagging hazards whilst still effortlessly allowing 2 metres of reach. Featuring dual Quick Clip™ the lanyard is both secure and easy to use, even whilst wearing gloves.

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Max Load: 3 KG / 6.6 LBS




The Extended Coil Tool Lanyard provides effortless reach to 2M so that it can be used comfortably at full stretch for longer tasks. The long length combined with lightweight componentry has made it one of the most popular tool lanyards, across many industries.
The compact coil is both durable and easy to clean making it ideal for dirty or harsh work environments. The dual 360° Quick Clip™ connectors stop any tangles when in use and work well with rotating tools such as scaffold spanners and screwdrivers.
Parter the Extended Coil Tool Lanyard with the Tool Holster (101470) to create a secure and functional tethering solution.

Lightweight, mobile and made to last