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Product code: 101700

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Max Load 0.5 KG / 1.1 LBS


Using a specialist silicone material to capture each corner of the
phone and a welded military grade Rivertex spine – the phone
harness is a perfect combination of flexability and strength.
The flexibility of the silicone means that this case will work for
all smartphones, any size – the Rivertex spine limits the vertical
stretch meaning that the silicone ends will not come off the
phone under stretch.

Most silicone phone cases have an attachment point at the
bottom of the case – this means that under stress or during a
drop the case elongates and the phone can come out of the case.
The design engineers at NLG recognised this as a major issue
and have overcome this by having a central D Ring attachment
point. This clever design means that in a drop scenario that case
pulls all four corners towards the center of the phone – the case
actually tightens on itself in a drop scenario.

In addition to routine checks prior to each use, all equipment should undergo regular detailed inspection, conducted and recorded by a competent person using the NLG Inspection Checklist. If any part is worn or shows signs of degradation, immediately retire from service. In the event of a drop, quarantine


1 x Phone Harness (101600)
1 x Mini Coil Lanyard (101371)