Safety first, second and third.

At NLG, everything starts with safety. And ends with safety.

NLG devices and equipment are engineered to keep your tools and equipment secure in the most extreme environments. Advanced safety features come as standard and can’t be disabled by mistake. NLG ID takes the effort out of inspection, compliance and tracking. And because many of these unique designs are available across the whole NLG range, it’s easy for safely teams to drive consistency quickly across large complex projects.

You’re in safe hands

As friendly and helpful as our consultants and tool tethering experts are, they are very serious about one thing: safety. A tried and tested team with years of real world experience, understanding the costs and casualties of failed safety plans and observing the pitfalls of poor implementationl. Working with NLG is your shortcut to success. 

When you embark on your journey to #zerodrops, you can be assured that we, from our consultants to support crew and NLG Lab technicians, have got your back. It’s safe to say, you’ll feel safer.

Serial-numbered, third-party tested and certified

[image - bag tech panel - ce, ukca, ansi]

Product development isn’t about features and gimmicks - peoples lives depend on our equipment everyday. NLG is engineering safety on another level. And pushing the boundaries of possible is what we thrive on.

Every NLG product is built from the ground up to protect people, performance and productivity. What does this mean for you? It costs less, saves time, boosts the safety and confidence of your workforce.

Take serial numbering: NLG equipment carries a unique serial number (even the smallest Tether Rings) so you can track, identify and inspect. This gives you a streamlined workflow so you can maintain your equipment, rather than having to replace it. Combined with the power of NLG ID, you’re saving hours of time in no time.

Rigorous independent testing guarantees the highest standards. And third-party test laboratory issued certification for each product, be it ANSI 121-2018, CE, UKCA or NS 9611:202, give you have the ultimate peace-of-mind, with a process backed by external verification and accountability.

It’s why the world’s most demanding safety leaders are choosing NLG. Knowing everything is underpinned by this unshakable foundation of safety makes NLG the safest partner for drop prevention.

NLG ID - All your safety equipment. One seamless experience.

Need instructions? Or Declaration of Conformity? No problem. Simply scan the unique NLG ID with your phone and get instant access. Now you have detailed product data at your fingertips - for a specific product serial number! 

NLG ID is much more than a super-easy way to keep track and record inspections of your safety equipment. It’s a fast, simple and secure way to access video instructions, certificates, checklists and more.

Loose your ability to loose essential safety information. With NLG ID, it always stays with the product and is right there, when and where you need it. Not only is it kinder to the environment, it’s easier on your mind too.

As soon as you scan a NLG product, you can make it yours. Add it to your kit, record an inspection - all with your phone. And with the power of the Scannable app, it fits perfectly into your safety inspection maintenance routine for a seamless experience. 

Never has safety technology been so simple - and so powerful.

The psychology of safety

Protecting people is the mindset at NLG. It’s why safety is more than just a product or practice - it’s a state of mind.

NLG Labs is the epicentre of our thinking on safety - the brain that guides our every thought and action. It’s a place where you’ll find cutting-edge technology and remarkable people, all focused on one clear purpose - saving lives.

Every NLG tool lanyard, tethering device or lifting bag comes with industry-leading safety features, robust construction and powerful productivity enhancements. All as a result of rigorous testing by technicians in the lab and real workers in the field.

So, safety is in the detail.

And our green colour is no exception (or coincidence). Nor is it just ascetic - it is founded on functional benefits. Fluorescent green is the most visible colour to the human eye. In turn, it makes safety management easier from the ground, so it can be seen if the appropriate equipment is being used. It also ensure the visual equipment inspections are both easier and more accurate.

We have invented some of the most important developments in the history of drop prevention. Today, our technology is making a real difference to real people. And there’s more to come.