NLG Labs

Change is in the air.

NLG innovation is already changing the way people work at height — from mining to telecoms and renewable energy. And because NLG products integrate seamlessly with existing tools and equipment, deployment is as easy as it is effective.

The future of tool tethering is happening today. At NLG we thrive on pushing the boundaries of possible as we enter a new era of drop prevention equipment.

One thousand hours of testing have led us here. And there’ll be many thousands more to come. After all, gravity never takes a holiday. So why should we?

Starting NLG Labs. Our foundation for the future.

NLG Labs is our research, design, and testing institute - and the epicentre of our thinking on safety. It’s a lab which brings cutting-edge technology and the brightest minds together. A lab where gravity-defying design and ingenious innovation meet. 

With one clear purpose - saving lives.

Tried. And tested. And tested. And tested.

Unparalleled safety demands the most rigorous testing regime. That’s why our lab technicians are constantly at our custom NLG LABS PULL and NLG LABS DROP test facilities to examine and analyse each NLG product iteration under tensile and dynamic loads. Conducting exhaustive destructive testing means we can identify areas to build even greater safety factors into our equipment. 

And finally, after extensive testing, an external third-party test laboratory awards the verification and certification for your ultimate peace of mind.

We’re engineering the world’s safest gear. So, we leave no room for chance.

The science of height safety

We can’t change the laws of physics. But we can change the way we build things. So we make safety a science. An expert understanding of gravitational energy conversion and distribution leads our technicians to engineer the safest tool lanyards and drop prevention equipment in the world.

It’s also why NLG gear keeps getting better. It’s the philosophy of incremental improvement. It’s what happens when you put research and data at the heart of everything you do. When you never stop experimenting and testing. All without forgetting the people we serve.

Because small things can make a big difference. Whether it’s our Rotobiner™ that eliminates time-wasting tangles, or NLG ID™ that is taking the effort out of compliance and tracking, we’re giving back time to workers that use our gear everyday. We don’t introduce new features at the expense of productivity.

This is innovation in action. And it’s why we’re doing everything differently at NLG.

A relentless focus on better. 

Continuous improvement is in NLG’s DNA, and our work to uphold the highest standards beyond our products is no exception. We believe that business can and should be an innovative force for good. By upholding our values everywhere that our business reaches, we strive to prove this to be true, and share what we’ve learned with others, so that everyone moves forward, faster. 

Our work continues.