Killer on the Loose – The award-winning dropped objects safety video

Any tool at height can become a killer.

It doesn’t take much.

A worker can slip and drop the tool they’re holding. A screwdriver can be left on a gantry and be kicked over the edge. A tool can fall from a worker’s belt.

Once that tool is dropped, gravity takes over and turns it into a deadly projectile. You only have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to become its victim.

That might sound dramatic.

But something needs to be done because the message still isn’t getting through to everyone. Statistics show that dropped objects are the third largest cause of workplace fatalities.

That’s why we created our Killer on the Loose campaign about dropped objects.



The hard-hitting safety video is designed to make people think about the consequences of dropped and falling tools at height.

We’ve also developed a range of resources to help educate your team and ensure the message is getting through.

Tool tethering systems are the best way of preventing these incidents.

Here’s why:

  • They prevent tools from being dropped in the first place
  • They’re simple to use and roll out across your site
  • They give you peace of mind you’re doing everything you can to prevent dropped objects.

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Download the Killer on the Loose Poster Pack

Start raising awareness of the dangers of dropped objects on your site with this handy pack of five safety posters.

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