Tool Tethering: Engineered for Oil & Gas

Working in the oil and gas industry presents different challenges to other industries. You’ll have more extreme weather conditions to contend with at sea. The risks posed by dropped objects can be significant and costly.

As well as the obvious risk to other workers, dropped objects can pose a risk to your rig. Tools can cause damage as they fall. The chance of deflection off part of the framework is high. If they plummet into the sea they’re irretrievably lost. This can be costly, in terms of repairing damage to the framework and replacing often expensive pieces of equipment.

You’ll already have strict tool management processes in place. Tool tethering can introduce an additional level of safety. As well as preventing tools from being dropped it also prevents them from being left behind. You know all too well that misplaced tools can become hazards when conditions change.

A tool tethering system for the oil and gas industry will:

  • Prevent damage to the rig that can be caused by dropped objects
  • Prevent expensive tools and equipment being lost or damaged
  • Ensure all tools are returned after a job and stored safely when not in use
  • Be designed for use in challenging conditions and able to withstand the harsh conditions on rigs.

As DROPS Online states, “Dropped objects are consistently the third most frequent cause of fatality and serious injury in the Oil and Gas Industry.”

Want to explore our tool tethering systems designed for the oil and gas industry?

We’ve worked closely with industry leaders to ensure our products are reliable and durable enough for use in the sector. Take a look at our products below.

Tool Tethering for Oil and Gas Industry


Equipment Selection

NLG’s robust range of tool tethering equipment is engineered to perform to the highest standards – tested in the harshest environments and approved by the most demanding Health & Safety professionals.

What makes NLG tool tethering the safest?

  • Every item is:
  • Serial numbered
  • Third-party tested and certified
  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2008 compliant
  • CE marked
  • High visibility

Radio Tether for Drop Prevention

Radio Pouch Tether →

The NLG Radio Pouch is the new generation holster for radios of all sizes when working at height.

Code: 101418

Rotobiner Tool Lanyard Carabiner

NLG Rotobiner™

No more tangles with NLG tool lanyards that feature autolocking, rotating carabiners for improved safety and usability.

Coil Tool Lanyard

Coil Tool Lanyard →

The NLG Coiled Tool Lanyard combines great reach and compact lightweight design with tangle-free double action carabiners.

Code: 101370

Bungee Tool Lanyard

Bungee Tool Lanyard →

The Bungee Tool Lanyard is one of the most popular and versatile lanyards for starting tool tethering because of its easy-stretch durable webbing and anti-tangle 360° carabiner.

Code: 101372

Super Bungee Tool Lanyard - Extra Long Reach

Super Bungee Tool Lanyard →

The NLG Super Bungee Tool Lanyard comfortably stretches over 3 metres allowing for the safe use of heavy tools on platforms when working at height.

Code: 101419

Small Parts Pouch for Dropped Object Prevention

Aero Pouch™ →

Featuring an innovative valve closure system, the NLG Aero Pouch™ is the safest way to keep small parts and fixings at your side when working at height.

Code: 101400

Tool Safety Bags for Working at Height

Tool Bags →

The most advanced tool safety bags and storage equipment designed for working at height.


Industrial Load Rated Lifting Bags for Drop Prevention

Lifting Bags →

Heavy-duty industrial load-rated lifting bags that prevent dropped objects.


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