Dropped objects are a major cause of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry.

It’s not only other workers on site who can get hurt. Dropped objects can easily be deflected, making them a danger to the public too.

Exclusion zones aren’t effective enough, especially on busy city-centre construction sites. A dropped tool that’s deflected can travel tens of metres, well beyond the boundaries of your site. This means that adequate exclusion zones which allow for deflections are rarely practical to set up.

It can also be difficult to coordinate safety policies such as drop zones between a range of contractors who all have different jobs, and therefore different priorities.

So, what’s the solution?

Tool tethering.

Progressive construction companies are already adopting tool tethering systems to prevent dropped objects and make sites safer. You need to follow their lead to avoid being left behind.

Using tool tethering systems will:

  • Prevent objects being dropped, thereby reducing injuries and fatalities
  • Save you time and money by allowing workers to complete their jobs at height quickly and efficiently. They won’t need breaks to retrieve or replace dropped tools
  • Prevent damage to the tools and to other parts of the structure
  • Show you’re taking the safety of your workers and the public seriously.

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