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Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard

Product code: 101608


A simple and dependable webbing chainsaw lanyard that does everything a chainsaw lanyard should.

Max Load 10 KG / 22 LBS


NLG Flat Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard is created from durable, soft touch webbing that will outlast other products on the market - but will always keep its soft non-chaffing properties. The contrast stitching makes the pre-work visual checks very simple and quick. Created with hours of input from Arb professionals this is the entry level chainsaw lanyard that everyone has been looking for!


The NLG Flat Webbing Chainsaw Lanyard has an extended product life with high strength, wear-resistant, hi-vis, nylon webbing.
Faster visual inspections with contrast stitching.
Half twist ends on the lanyard ensure that both ends sit flat when installed on the saw and the harness.
Complete with 44mm O ring.
Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking.
CE marked
UKCA Marked
Dynamic load tested and third-party certified (2:1 safety factor)
Dimensions: 25mm (width of webbing) 1.3M length
Max Load: 10KG (22lbs)