Dropped Object Videos

Dropped object safety awareness videos are great for training your team.

Whether it’s the classic watermelon hard hat video or the harrowing tale of a Killer on the Loose, these falling objects videos are guaranteed to bring your working at height safety presentation to life.

Killer on the Loose

When Andrew leaves site one night, after carelessly discarding an unwanted screwdriver, he unwittingly becomes another victim of a deadly workplace killer: dropped objects.



To get the full story and your own safety campaign posters visit the Killer on the Loose campaign page.

Dropped Objects Explainer Video

In less than a minute, you’ll understand the real impact force of a dropped object and the disastrous consequences from falling tools deflecting.


More safety videos from around the globe…

There is remarkable educational work done by safety-led organisations around the world to promote awareness of the dangers caused by dropped objects in the workplace.

Here are some of the best.

Saipem Dropped Object Video

Saipem, an Italian oil and gas industry contractor, has developed a dropped object awareness campaign including this powerful ‘Choice Not Chance’ video that recognises that both behaviours and awareness are key elements critical to eliminating dropped object incidents.


Tool Tethering Videos

Tool Tethering System

So far tool tethering has been confusing. But now, with NLG’s tool tethering system, it’s as easy as 123. Step 1, create a secure tether point. Step 2, choose the best tool lanyard. Step 3, select an anchor point.


Tool Tether Guide

Want to learn how to correctly install any tether point?
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NLG Tool Tether Video Guide