Trial Program

We understand from working with thousands of different companies that getting a dropped object prevention program up and running can be daunting and difficult if you don’t have an expert to work through it with you.

This is why the NLG Trial Program has been set up.

It allows us at NLG to work directly with an end-user to run field trials, take on user feedback and refine the specific tethering products being used.

The trial program gives NLG the chance to visit sites and get on the coal face with the workers to understand their challenges close up and work with them, support them and develop the right products for them.

The end goal of the trial program is to work with the users so that they have exactly the right drop prevention products and processes for them – and they can finish the program with the assurance that everything has been done to mitigate the risk of dropped objects.

The trials are chargeable – and at times a trial discount may be offered.

We understand that there can be some wastage during a trial – you try a particular product and find it’s not best suited for your application. That’s why discounts may be offered – so that you try all the relevant options without the financial side being prohibitive.

The trial program is just another thing we do here at NLG to help make drops history (easily)!