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Tether Shackle, Medium

Product code: 101602


Stainless Steel shackles create a super simple tether point for 'waisted' or tapered tools that have a narrower mid-section, a spanner/wrench for example. They also work well for tools that have a pre-manufactured hole, creating a very strong tether point.

Max Load 10 KG / 22 LBS


NLG Tether Shackles create a super durable tether point on any tools that have a narrower mid section (waist) or pre manufactured hole. The flush pin ensures that there are no snagging issues - it will take an allen key to get the pin correctly installed.

Load rated to 10KG and made from stainless steel these shackles will take an absolute beating every day and come back asking for more. The diverse size range means that these will work for small spanners right up to large Podgers (spud wrenches)


  • NLG Tether Shackle™ is made from 304 Stainless Steel for excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Also, giving it a high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The NLG Tether Shackle™ has a flush pin to prevent snagging and/or accidental release.
  • The NLG Tether Shackle™ has been third-party tested to ANSI-121:2018 standards and is load rated to a maximum tethered weight of 10kg.
  • 6mm ø Shackle
  • Internal Dimensions: 21mm (H) x 12mm (W)
  • CE Marked
  • UKCA Marked
  • Unique serial number