Dropped and falling objects present a constant risk when working at height. Health and Safety officers around the world continue to explore primary measures to control and prevent dropped objects using tool safety lanyards and other tethering systems.

HSE’s Riddor Report highlights that objects falling from height are among the top causes of death in the workplace. But drops aren’t just a threat to safety – they clearly have a negative impact also on productivity.

Killer on the Loose Dropped Object Prevention Safety Video



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What causes dropped objects?

A host of factors can contribute to a dropped object incident. It is important to consider these during worksite hazard identification. Energy sources such as gravity, wind and mechanical motion can instigate a sequence of events that result in something falling. Add corrosion, lack of awareness and inadequate inspection or maintenance and you can almost guarantee a dropped object incident will occur.

Falling tools are now the second biggest killer in the UK workplace

Statistics show that around 30% of all dropped object incidents are related to design, technical or mechanical issues but almost half can be attributed to human factors.

You can learn more about the Causes of Dropped Objects in our free handbook.