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Telecoms Technicians Tethering Kit

Product code: 101617


The NLG Telecoms Tool Tethering Kit is specifically designed for telecom professionals and tailored to the tools they use and their working environment.

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NLG Telecoms Tethering Kit


The NLG Telecoms Technicians Tethering Kit is a popular kit that Telecoms technicians use to ensure that all tools and personal belongings are stored and tethered whilst on the job.


2 x NLG Extended Coil Tool Lanyard (101476)
3 x NLG Small D Ring Tool Tether (101361)
3 x NLG Large D Ring Tool Tether (101362)
5 x NLG Tether Ring™, Medium (101273)
5 x NLG Tether Ring™, Large (101275)
5 x NLG Tether Ring™, Small (101466)
2 x NLG Tether Tape™ (101355)
2 x NLG 360 D Ring Loop Tool Tether (101363)
2 x NLG Extended Bungee Tool Lanyard (101434)
1 x NLG Heavy Duty Bungee Tool Lanyard (101373)
2 x NLG 8 Ring Adaptor, Medium (101426)
2 x NLG 8 Ring Adaptor, Large (101427)
1 x NLG Ascent Pouch™ (101520)
1 x NLG Aero Pouch™ (101400)
1 x NLG Mini Coil Tool Lanyard (101371)
1 x NLG Phone Case (101383)