Stop the Drop Safety Campaign

Dropped objects are the third biggest workplace killer, according to statistics from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

It’s time to Stop the Drop.

Physics dictates how deadly dropped tools can be. Did you know that:

  • After falling 5m a hammer will have the impact of an elephant
  • Or that after falling 20m its impact becomes that of a London bus?

You can’t change that.

So what can you do?

Prevent dropped objects in the first place. You have to Stop the Drop.

There are many ways of stopping dropped objects. These include:

  • Tool tethering systems
  • Toeboards or handrails
  • Netting.

Running training to highlight the dangers of dropped objects and the practical steps to prevent them is essential.

Use our dropped objects safety presentation and free resources to educate your workers. Show them how real the danger of dropped objects is. Teach them how to prevent dropped objects in the first place, saving lives and reducing injuries on your site.  

How to start:

Download your Stop the Drop safety poster

Get your own Stop the Drop campaign poster here.

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