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Every safety leader wants to stop drops. But where do you start?

The NLG 7 Framework™ is a simple step-by-step plan that maps out your journey towards a Zero Drop Zone™. It’s used by the world’s most progressive organisations to deliver successful dropped object prevention policies, every time. Now you can use it too.

You’ll make your workplace even safer — with less hassle. And we’re here to guide you. Sign up below for exclusive access to videos and guides.

NLG 7 Framework™

Discovery workshop

We’ll introduce dropped tool prevention concepts and work with you to identify the project scope and timings.

Site Awareness

Together, we’ll start engaging users with toolbox talks and free awareness videos and site posters.

Product Trial

Begin testing a proof of concept with a small team and initiate any bespoke product development.

Policy Template

To save you time, we’ve compiled everything you need into the most comprehensive Drop Prevention document for you to use.

Safety Academy

With a range of training tools from the NLG Safety Academy, it’s easy ensure users really understand and provide certificates of competency.

Site Setup

We’ll make sure your workplace is ready for Launch Day with supply partners and channels agreed and Tether Stations and Learning Hub Boards in place.

Share your Success

Share your successes and learnings, along with a timeline of photos, to help other safety leaders and your organisation keep pace with your progress.

Free Follow-up Consultation

We’ll setup a 90 day review meeting to check everything is running as you expected, address challenges and develop future improvements together.

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