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Product code: 101672


An innovative catch net designed as a back up system for any falling materials or tools. The NLG Spacenet™ is one of the most compact, lightweight yet durable products in the market.

Max Load 20 KG / 44 LBS


The NLG Spacenet™ is a strong catch net which can withstand sharp, heavy materials and tools in a drop situation. This product has been tested and load rated to 20kg which is a reassuring "safety net" when working at height.
The Spacenet™ comes with several unique features that make it stand above the rest.
A durable, lightweight aluminium frame helps to maintain the Spacenet™ structure during use. The fold out frame also reduces impact force from heavier drops thanks to its part-flexible design.
The adjustable slings can be tuned to any rigging situation, make the Spacenet™ a highly versatile product.
Built-in air vents allow breeze to pass through the net and allows the net to be used in low-windspeed environments.
The lower zip allows the Spacenet™ to be emptied easily after use. The opening can be used to easily tip out rubble and dust that fall inside during use.
The Spacenet™ rolls up to be extremely compact and lightweight, making it extremely easy to transport between worksites.
The underside clips can be used to keep the Spacenet™ rolled up during storage, weights can also be added in windier weather to act as a counter-weight.
The Spacenet™ can be used with the Spacenet™ Impact Zone Mat to create an even more durable product.


The NLG Spacenet™ is a Strong, lightweight debris and small object Catchnet with a maximum load capacity of 20Kg.
Features fully removable, adjustable slings for adapting to any rigging scenario.
Lightweight aluminium frame, keeps product rigid and, thanks to its unique design, is able to reduce dynamic impact forces from falling objects and debris.
Features easy-empty zip on the base of the product.
Air vents allows for passage of air in mildly-windy conditions.
Internal hook and loop fasteners for easy installation of NLG Spacenet™ Impact Zone Mat.
CE Marked
NLG-ID Compatible - Integrated QR code for customised equipment tracking and Kit list creation. Fully integrated into the unique Scannable platform.
Dynamic load tested (2:1 safety factor)
Dimensions: 100cm (H) x 100cm (W) x 200cm (D)
Product Weight 4Kg (8.8lbs)
Max Load: 20KG (66lbs)