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Scaffolder’s Tethered Tool Kit (With Tools)

Product code: 101624


Tool Tethering Kit, specifically designed for Scaffolding Professionals - and tailored to the tools they use and their working environment.

Max Load N/A


The Scaffolders Tethered Tool Kit including tools is used by scaffolding professionals to create a safe working space when at height. The kit includes all tools needed to get the job done, including; Scaffold spanner, ratchet spanner, level and tape measure.


1 x 101414 NLG Tape Measure Tether
4 x 101493 NLG Lightweight Coil Tool Lanyard
1 x Belt
1 x Single tool pouch
1 x Double tool pouch
1 x Ratchet spanner
1 x Scaffold spanner
1 x Level
1 x Tape measure