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Max Load 50 KG / 110 LBS


The NLG Rope/Pro™ Bucket is an all-in one solution for storing ropes and lifting heavy equipment in a compact bucket format.

The bucket features the unique Innervis™ material, which provides excellent interior visibility and full waterproof functionality keeping rope dry and water out.

The bucket features a heavy duty lifting arrangement with integrated slings which can safely and securely transport loads in any conditions.


  • The NLG Rope/Pro™ Bucket is a water-resistant, lightweight bucket for storing rope and other associated hardware.
  • The load rated slings allow the bucket to be used for lifting operations of up to 50kg (110lbs).
  • The combination of roll-top closure and compression strap create an inversion capture system, which allows the product to safely hold the maximum load inside the bucket when upside-down.
  • Load rated daisy chain loops allow for items weighing up to 5kg (on each loop) to be tethered onto the side of the product.
  • Water-resistant roll-top closure protects items inside from unexpected weather conditions, and prevents items from falling out.
  • Contrast Innervis™ material allows for easier viewing on the inside of the bag, for quicker access to items stored inside.
  • Load rating: 50kg (66lbs)
  • Dynamic load tested (Safety factor 2:1)
  • ANSI 121:2018 Compliant
  • CE Marked
  • Unique serial number
  • Product Weight: 1645g
  • Product Dimensions: (H) 40cm, (W) 30cm, (D) 30cm