Tall Tool Bag

The Tall Tool Bag has been designed specifically to secure longer tools when working at height. Featuring 2x external, 6x internal load-rated anchor points and a secure closure system The Tall Tool Bag will keep your tools secure and easily accessible.

Max Load: 20 KG / 44 LBS




The design of the Tall Tool Bag allows for longer hand tools to be kept safe when working at height. Despite the increased height, there has been a special focus on keeping the dimensions of the tool bag ergonomic and comfortable for the user whilst moving around.
The Tall Tool Bag features one large compartment to give the most flexible storage area, with a Velcro locking lid to keep the contents safe while in transit. There is also an external front pocket with an independent closure. Both closures can be rolled back once in the work position to allow easy access to your tools.
The 4 external tool holders and 6 integrated D Rings for tool lanyard attachment make this an all-in-one tool bag for working at height.
The universal Quick Connect™ clips on the rear of the bag allow it to be easily attached to a belt, harness or handrail.