Phone Harness™

The NLG Phone Harness™ is the ultimate non-obstructive solution to secure your mobile phone at height. Fitting most smartphones, the unique design means the silicone tightens around the corners of the phone when dropped to ensure it stays securely in place.

Max Load: 0.5 KG / 1.1 LBS




The NLG Phone Harness™ is the simplest but most advanced phone holder for working at height. Patented features ensure the Holder provides unrivalled protection without compromising any functionality of the device itself.
The unique Rivertex core ensures stability and the self-tightening feature of the design ensures consistent performance in the harshest environments. Combining this with the selective use of specialist silicones guarantees a grip that increases as the weight and drop distance increase.
The Holder fits most commonly used phones without compromising the key functions of the device such as the camera, fingerprint recognition etc. When combined with the Mini Coil Lanyard (101371) it creates a simple easy-to-use tethering solution to keep one of the most commonly dropped (and most expensive) items secure when working at height, the mobile phone.