Drill Harness™

The NLG Drill Harness™ is a universal harness for rechargeable tools such as drills, that creates a secure tether point to attach tool lanyard. The harness features a unique and patented design that allows for easy battery changes whilst the tool remains securely tethered.

Max Load: 3 KG / 6.6 LBS




The NLG Drill Harness™ is the most advanced and simple-to-use option for tethering rechargeable drills and other rechargeable tools on the market.
The Harness is lightweight, durable and eliminates many of the frustrations with existing options. It allows the rechargeable battery pack to be easily replaced without the tool itself having to be untethered, improving work performance and safety.
The ArmourPlate™ base has been developed to provide an anti-slip base that allows the tool itself to be stable if placed on a surface and protects the battery pack from unnecessary damage.