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The NLG MEWP Kit provides a ready to use kit for teams tethering tools whilst using a elevating work platform or ‘cherry picker’. The NLG MEWP bag simply attaches using the NLG TriLock™ Velcro system and makes storing tools at height safe and easy. Suitable to hold up to 30KG of tools securely with 6 approved attachment points all suitable for supporting up to 5KG each.


  • This tool tethering kit includes:
  • 1 x NLG MEWP Bag (101423)
  • 5 x NLG Extended Bungee Tool Lanyard (101434)
  • 1 x NLG Tether Tape™ (101355)
  • 4 x NLG Large D Ring Tool Tether (101362)
  • 4 x NLG Small D Ring Tool Tether (101361)