The Instant Tether System™: Your existing tools made safe in seconds

The NLG Instant Tether System™ (ITS) is a unique, effective and secure way to install a tool tethering system. It’s quick, simple and strong; designed for busy and challenging workplaces where safety comes first.

What makes it so special?

You can:

  • Retrofit it to existing tools
  • Install it yourself onsite
  • Use it immediately
  • Easily inspect and manage it.

Here’s how all of these elements come together.

Retrofit the ITS™ without damaging your tools

We often hear about tool tethering systems that require you to modify your existing tools. There are a number of problems with this. Firstly, that it takes time to carry out the modifications. Secondly, that those modifications can invalidate the tool’s warranty. Finally, you, or your subcontractors, may not always require tool lanyards if work is carried out at ground level and therefore don’t want permanent modifications.

The NLG Instant Tether System™ does away with all of those problems.

How? Let us explain.

We’ve designed it to work with any tool without the need for modification. You won’t need to worry about damaging your tool while you’re fitting our tether system, or that you’ll invalidate your warranty.

It’s quick and simple to install; and when you remove it, there will be no marks, no sticky residue from adhesive and no damage.

Install the ITS™ yourself

Self-installation is an essential part of our Instant Tether System™. We’ve designed it to work for you in every way. You don’t have to worry about sending your expensive tools away to have a tethering system fitted. You won’t lose out on work or have the downtime because you’re waiting for your tools to be returned.

Our Instant Tether System™ comprises two things:

First, you select the right D ring tether for your tool. These are available in different sizes. You can also choose a non-conductive D ring if you carry out electrical work.

Next, you cut a length of Tether Tape™. This needs to be long enough to wrap around the tool at least eight times. Our tape uses self-fusing technology to give it the unbeatable hold. Simply remove the plastic backing when you’re ready to attach your D ring tether and make sure you keep the Tether Tape™ firmly stretched as you wrap it around your tool.

It’s the stretching that activates the self-fusing technology. Once it’s bonded, it’s guaranteed for use for one year. When that time is up, cut the tape off and replace it. You can reuse the D ring as many times as you want.

You don’t need any special equipment or knowledge to install our Instant Tether System™. Just watch our step-by-step video to find out.


Ready to use

Our unique Tether Tape™ is a self-fusing silicone tape with a fibreglass mesh woven into it to give it the strength it needs to do its job.

Once it’s been stretched and activated, it binds to itself without any adhesive. After 24 hours the tape has fully cured and become one piece. But you don’t have to wait to use your tools.

The Tether Tape™ is tested and certified for immediate use.

Manage your tool tethering system

If you’re in charge of safety on your site, you’ll have a lot to think about each day. We don’t want to add to that burden, so we’ve thought about how to make the Instant Tether System™ easy to manage.

The ITS™ has a one-year guarantee, but that means the tape should be replaced after 12 months of use.

To help you keep on top of this, we offer our Tether Tape™ in two distinct colours: green and orange.

If you install our tool tethering systems across the majority of your tools at the same time, you can keep a record of when you did this and what colour tape you used. Let’s say you start with green Tether Tape™ on all your tools.

Once 12 months have passed, you can collect any tools with green Tether Tape™ on them, remove it, and reattach the D Ring Tool Tether with the orange Tether Tape™.

That makes it easy to spot any tools that aren’t compliant.

We believe that tool tethering is essential for preventing dropped objects across a range of industries. But we also believe that introducing such systems should be quick, simple and cost-effective.

Our Instant Tether System™ gives you safety in seconds. With so many benefits, there’s no need to wait to make this part of your strategy to reduce dropped objects and make your workplace safer.