Rope Access

As someone who works in the rope access industry, you’ll know better than most the damage dropped objects can cause. You’re generally working at great heights above the ground and you understand that even a small item dropped from there can seriously injure or even kill someone.

But that’s not the only problem with dropped objects. It takes time for you to get into position. Losing a tool and having to retrieve it before you can complete your work makes your task take longer and costs you money.

We’re willing to bet you already take more precautions than most to prevent dropped objects. You’re an early adopter of safety measures for working at height.

That’s why you need to explore tool tethering systems.

The right tool tethering system will:

  • Mean you never drop another tool from height
  • Be functional and designed for a rope access environment. It will work with your existing safety equipment without getting in the way
  • Save you the time and effort of retrieving or replacing dropped tools
  • Give you peace of mind whenever and wherever you’re working from height.

Falling objects consistently appear in Irata’s Work & Safety Analysis Reports. Here are a couple of interesting statistics from the Irata WASA Report 2018.

Irata WASA 2018 - Causes of Accidents and Incidents - Falling Objects Diagram

Dropped objects featured again in the conclusion:

Irata WASA 2018 Conclusion - Dropped objects continue to haunt many due to failure of tethers.

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Our range of tool tethering products for the rope access industry has been designed to suit the environment and conditions you work in. Explore our tool tethering systems for rope access below.

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