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Heavy Duty Carabiner, Internal Wiregate

Product code: 101549


Heavy Duty Carabiner with internal wiregate, allows the user to add this carabiner into a system, and the internal wiregate will keep the carabiner in place - preventing it from coming accidentally off even when the gate is opened. Designed to create a simple way of stowing product from the daisy chain on the side of the Ascent Pouch and Ascent Bucket, or even shortening the lifting straps on the buckets - it is a really simple versatile addition into a tool tethering system. Forged aluminium, with contrast apple green screwgate, this is the optimum balance between size, weight and functionality.

Max Load 50 KG / 110 LBS


This carabiner has been specifically designed to create a secure addition to a tool tethering system. The internal wiregate means that this carabiner can be secured onto a daisy chain, lanyard or bag and that it wont come off, in an accidental release, even if the gate of the carabiner is open. With its beefed up construction this carabiner is super durable, whilst not compromising on weight or functionality


  • Heavy duty forged aluminium
  • Flat forged back section of the carabiner makes it more ergonomic
  • Titanium coloured body with apple green contrast screwgate
  • Spring loaded internal 25mm wiregate
  • Screwgate locking mechanism on the main carabiner
  • 12mm ø body diameter
  • Internal dimensions: 80mm x 50mm (3.1″-1.96″)
  • Gate opening: 20mm (0.78″)
  • Not for fall arrest
  • For tool use only
  • Load tested and third-party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • 10KG