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This human slingshot will leave you in utter amazement

Reuben Aris

July 1, 2017

After a creative exit from a hot air balloon 5,000m above the Pyrenees, two skilled acro pilots made a tandem descent to complete a spectacular paraglider-powered slingshot. The pair started an infinity tumble – a high-G inverted manoeuvre, repeated multiple times – before completing their high altitude performance.

For the athletes, the peak moment of the stunt was literally, at the peak. That’s where the slingshot effect from tumbling the paraglider shot them up into the air for a moment of weightlessness.

While the idea is simple, the execution wasn’t. There was more to it than flying – there was ejecting, which required precision timing to avoid falling into the glider (which happened during training!).

Ready for the ride?

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