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5 Key benefits of retractable tool lanyards

Julian Aris

June 23, 2017

Self-retracting, or retractable tool lanyards, are proving a very popular alternative to conventional tool lanyards. With a maximum recommended weight of a tool of 2.5kg for attachment to the wearer, most retractable lanyards provide an ideal answer to the frustration of too many cables and coils cluttering the workspace.

They are especially suited to users working in confined work areas and spaces as well as workers in rope access applications where all the kit required is carried by operators.

1. Well Protected
Encased in a rubberised or ABS protective case when not in use but there when you need – up to 1.2m in length.

2. Reducing Risk
With no trailing lanyard to get caught or snag when moving in restricted spaces.

3. Space Saving
Compact, out of the way when you’re not using it, but there when you need it. Only the length of lanyard you want for each operation.

4. Tough and Durable
With steel, stainless steel and climbing cord cable options that are wear resistant and anti-kinking.

5. Easy to Use
Only just the length of lanyard you need, with little or no resistance when in use – see this example of a locking retractable tool lanyard. A range of connector (or tether) options and high user acceptance combine to make these a popular choice for tool lanyards.
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