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NLG iD: Faster, Safer, Smarter

Reuben Aris

February 18, 2020

In a first for the drop prevention and tool tethering industry, NLG’s new iD SmartSafe Technology revolutionises PPE inspections and tool tracking management. Utilising RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), the innovation is set to improve productivity and safety by reducing inspection times and human error.

What is NLG iD?

NLG iD is a complete asset management system, leveraging RFID technology designed for industrial safety use.

NLG iD products come with a built-in scannable tag. When scanned, the software reads the unique serial number and returns all of the relevant product information, including third-party test certificates, Certificates of Conformity and more.

NLG iD can also be used in FME (foreign material exclusion) areas and for the prevention of FODS (foreign object damage), for example, aerospace and nuclear sectors. It allows for an optimised tool control process with allocation to specific personnel and work zones.

NLG iD is taking the effort out of compliance and tracking

Save time and improve productivity by instantly scanning. No more searching for the serial number!

Improve safety and compliance by reducing the scope for human error. Centralise inspection records.

Now there is no need to retire or discard your tool lanyards and tethering equipment due to unreadable serial numbers.

Cloud-based asset management that integrates with any auditing software.

The powerful NLG iD Reader

The NLG iD Reader works across all auditing software platforms. The key-fob sized UHF device is capable of reading any NLG iD product, transmitting stored data to your auditing software with one-touch automation.

Connect to any Bluetooth ® device.

This ‘plug and play’ device allows the reading and transmission of NLG iD tag data to any Bluetooth® enabled laptop or mobile device.

NLG iD Reader is available in ETSI (Europe), FCC (USA) or AMCA (Australian) frequency configurations.

Operating System Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile/Phone, Windows, OSX, Linux
Interfaces: USB and Bluetooth Class 2
Battery: Li-Poly Battery 3.7Vdc 300mAh, up to 10,000 readings with full charge.
Power Supply: USB powered 5Vdc
One-function key for RFID reading and transmission
Multi-tone audio to confirm signal read and transmission
2 LED markers for device signalling
Working Temp: -20 degrees C / 70 degrees C
Dimensions: Length 9.5 cm – Width 4.4 cm – Depth 1.8cm
Weight: 30 gram
Protection: IP54

Learn more

To get a demonstration of the new NLG iD SmartSafe Technology, get in touch and we’ll share how you can get access to faster and more effective controls for your tools and drop prevention equipment.
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