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Killer on the Loose! Our new awareness video will make you think.

Reuben Aris

October 16, 2016

The workplace can be a dangerous place. Particularly when you risk becoming an unsuspecting victim of its second biggest killer: dropped objects. Backed by recent Health Safety Executive statistics, our new tool tethering video is set to make a significant impact on worksites across the UK.

Tool lanyards are easy to use, but are commonly overlooked until the real risks of not using them are understood. As we continue to bring focus to often-neglected areas of safety, this latest dropped object awareness campaign is enjoying particular success and has already received wide acclaim within the global safety industry.

Uncover the sinister side of your hand tools today. Watch the video, download the free drop prevention awareness pack, learn about impact force and discover other interesting facts.
Download the New Dropped Object Handbook

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